Angelina and Brad’s Sweater snuggly and warm, grape pitt.  Enjoy!

This is transportation at its finest.  When bread becomes a bus and the ants carry it away.  Transportation is this weeks Illustration Friday topic.  Enjoy!!!  I will try and get a colour version up soon. 

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 2010 entitled Death by BP (beyond petroleum).  What are we doing?

Handurstanding is my homage to the one who lit up the NY subway stations as well as the world and gave us so much in such a short period of time dear Keith Haring.

Halloween Balloons pen and ink with digital colouring.

The Closet Drinker pen and ink.

Spidhurtman ink and watercolour. 

Singing Doctors drawn with pen and hand painted with watercolour paint. 

2009 Halloween postcard, hand painted with watercolour paint and real beetle wings for ears.  Goulish! 

For the late great Jonathan Larson.


3 Responses to Portfolio

  1. Ben Weeks says:

    That rent peice is great!

  2. Mohita says:

    Super blog! Very mad-magazine-esque!

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